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Ayer Rajah National Day Family Carnival calling for Volunteers

Ayer Rajah National Day Family Carnival Organising Committee would like to invite volunteers to help us during our event : Ayer Rajah National Day Family Carnival on Saturday, 6 August 2016.

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Request to Post a Call for Volunteers

Request to post

Please send in your request to adminVSg@gmail.com

Pls send it  in the exact wordings you want your post to appear in the Blog.

It would be better if you are able to put all information into a ePoster in jpeg format and send it in to us

Important information to include

Date, time and venue of event

Purpose of the event

Scope of volunteer duties , date and time of volunteer training/briefing if any

Contact details

The Team in Volunteer Singapore Blog will review before publishing, we reserve the rights to reject any requests we deem unsuitable for our Blog.

By sending in your request, we take it that you also give us permission to post any feedback of  thevolunteers’ experiences with your group or organisation.

In general, we do not post for ticketed commercial events, as we believed that paid staff should be used instead.

Unless the event is able to give volunteers great learning opportunity or extraordinary and valuable experience etc…

Even so, we request that organisers provide meals/transport allowance or tickets for the events and goodies bag etc to the volunteers.

Thank you.