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AWWA seeking Volunteers

AWWA is a multi- service voluntary welfare organisation that have beneficiaries ranges from children with special needs, needy families, youth to senior citizens.    We are currently seeking volunteers to assist us in conducting a community needs assessment survey with the Geylang Bahru residents.   Following are the objectives of the needs assessment: (i)        In-depth understanding of the demographics and service needs of residents; (ii)      Referral of vulnerable individuals who face high risk issues or social isolation to AWWA; (iii)     Understanding service gaps in existing AWWA programmes to improve further   Mode   - 5 August (evening: 5.30pm to 9pm and/or - 13 August 2015 Sat (12 – 3pm) -        Training will be provided for all new volunteers, 2-3 days earlier prior to the actual survey date or on the actual day -        AWWA Social Workers/Counsellors will also be deployed to attend to queries from the residents   Volunteers’ Role -          To engage residents and conduct the needs assessment survey. Approximately 6 – 8 surveys per person in 1 session. -          To share about AWWA services and highlight to FSC staff should the client require further assistance. Volunteers’ group -          Preferably a group size of 15-20 volunteers per day

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ARTISTS IN PERSON (18 March – 27 April, SAM at 8Q)

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