House painting in Ubin

Hey guys,

We need volunteers!

Join us on Saturday, 12 May, 10am-6pm, to paint the homes of two elderly residents at Pulau Ubin for Hari Raya.

Show some love, we’ll have some fun along the way, and you get to paint historical wooden homes! See you there 🙂

We meet 10am at Changi Point Ferry Terminal, its the one near the food at Changi Village.
If you are into exact addresses, its 51 Lor Bekukong, 499172 ;p

Bring cash for the ferry to and fro which will not be more than $9 both ways.

Artist peeps, if you could bring your own brushes that would be most helpful!

We are a group of volunteers who sincerely wish for the Ubin residents to have a better quality of life and to make this challenging period of transition more comfortable, happier and sustainable for them.

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