Volunteer with Shan You

Name of Event :  A Good Day Out

Description of Event :

  • Organised by TOTE Board , celebrating 30 years of giving
  • Shan You has a booth to sell our merchandise and promote our agency.

Purpose of our involvement :

  • Shan You has been creating social impact since 1995 with our main social cause into advocating for better mental health and promoting overall well-being of all in the society.   Despite of years of service,  there are still many out there who do not know about our cause.
  • The event will help to boost the awareness , allowing for more who are in need of our services to benefit ( eg the elderly, the destitute, the disadvantaged families) and also to help us raise funds through the sale of our merchandise.

Scope of Volunteers Duties :

  • Help to create awareness of Shan You (giving our brochure, sharing on our services)
  • Help in the Sale of our merchandise – Shan You Happiness Rice Pack
  • Help in logistics (eg bring  the items from the car park to The Meadow , and bring the items back to Shan You office after the event)

 Skills Needed :

  • Comfortable in engaging with public
  • Passionate about contributing for a social good

 No of Volunteers Needed :

  • 3 per shift

Volunteer Shift :

  • Shift 1 : 9am to 3pm.
  • Shift 2 : 2.30 to 8.30pm

Other Details :

  • Volunteers will be provided with a brief  through email covering information about the agency, the services provided, the location etc.
  • Volunteers will be given CIP hours if required ( only upon completion of full volunteer shift)
  • Meals will be given to volunteers ( only vegetarian meal available)
  • No transport allowance will be given or reimburse
  • Letter of appreciation will only be given to volunteers who have clocked 10 service hours with our agency
  • Registration from now till 8 Feb 2018.

Date :

10 Feb 2018

Venue :

The Meadows,  Gardens by the Bay

 Sign Up/Contact Details :

  • Please email jennifer.lee@shanyou.org.sg   with :  (1)  your name (2)  age (3)  preferred shift  and ( 4) Other Information  :  

For more information on Shan You :


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