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Volunteer for Murals project

100 Murals Fiesta: Bringing Art to the Community Social Creatives will be having an upcoming 100 Murals project which aims to elevate Singapore’s urban art scene to a new level, and at the same time to answer a gap in our tirelessly progressing yet emotionally alienated society which does not fully embrace a creative and artistic culture. This project informally starts in April, with numerous fringe events stretched over 3 months, culminating in a grand finale in July. We are hoping to gather as many artists and over 1000 volunteers throughout this period. A total of 30 people in different working committees is an estimate, each committee comprising 7 people with an assigned head. Since a lot of planning and preparatory work has to be completed before May, we would require that each committee member commit from April to July, with a minimum of 5 hours per week (i.e. 20 hours a month). We understand that such required commitment is demanding, but please feel free to work out a schedule with us. We are looking for people with interest and/or aptitude in the arts, such as students seeking experience in arts management, practicing artists, community volunteers etc. Additionally, we are also looking for venues/locations for murals to be painted on, walls from schools, F&B or retail outlets, sports complexes etc. Anyone who wants to make a difference in Singapore’s art scene by creating a visually and emotionally beautiful Singapore- we would love to involve you! Here are more details if you are interested in becoming a regular volunteer with Social Creatives. There are a total of 4 different working committees which will work closely with one another but focusing on different aspects: SPONSORSHIP AND MARKETING: Find strategic stake partners for sponsorship and funding. Create awareness of this project via meetings with potential sponsors and funding partners. Publicity ideas, collaborate with potential partners. Create collaterals and publicity materials. Relationship management with sponsors during and post project. VENUE DEVELOPMENT: Propose suitable locations around Singapore for community art projects. Source for walls at suitable locations, eg HDB void decks, places of history and heritage, etc. Facilitate venue confirmation. Analysis of wall/project sites, i.e logistical requirements, socio-demographics of community/neighbourhood. Work closely with Sponsorship and Community Engagement teams to contact relevant sponsors and community groups. ARTIST ENGAGEMENT: Find and engage (budding) artists who will facilitate the creative and artistic process of the 100 walls. Engage mentor artists (professional artists, lecturers, etc. who will train budding artists and more importantly, develop themes and designs by working with site requisites and collaborating with location owners.) Create and maintain a database of different mentor and budding artists. Determine pricing and artist commissions/allowance when applicable. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Approach beneficiaries such as social service groups, i.e. elderly, children, migrants. Create and maintain a database of different types of people and organizations that we can work with: migrant workers, expats, disadvantaged children, disabled, etc. Oversee volunteer management on painting sessions. Relationship management with community groups during and post project. Please express your interest by sending in your resume/portfolio to meiling@socialcreatives.com. It would be great if you could include a brief introduction of yourself and how you want to be engaged- your area of interest and your commitment level as a part-timer/volunteer. Please do not hesitate to approach Meiling at 82223357, 83666093 or meiling@socialcreatives.com. We are waiting to hear from you and thank you for wanting to be a part of our 100 Murals Fiesta!(: Sincerely, Meiling(:

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Call for entries for The Young Talent Programme

Posted by VolunteerSG Admin | Posted in Announcement | Posted on 25-07-2016




Affordable Art Fair Singapore is excited to announce the 2016 Open Call for entries for The Young Talent Programme in collaboration with ION Art. The Young Talent Programme is designed as a platform for emerging artists (without gallery representation) aged between 18 and 35 years, who are born in or residing in Southeast Asia.


From the Open Call up to 8 selected artists will be given the chance to be seen by galleries, art institutions as well as the wider art loving public, through exhibiting their work at the Affordable Art Fair in November 2016. Of these selected artists who show at the fair this November, 2-3 artists will be awarded the unique opportunity to work with a Curator for 10 months to create an exceptional body of work ready for a three week solo show at ION Art in 2017.


So, if you are looking for a great platform to showcase your work and the opportunity to the enter the art market, apply now for your chance to be selected » »



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