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Volunteer for UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk 2016

UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk 2016 is back again this year! It is an annual employee volunteerism programme that brings UOB employees and their families together to raise funds for various local beneficiaries. It will be great if we could have you volunteer for the event which will be held on 24th July 2016! There are several roles available such as: -         Route Marshals -         Site Ushers -         Athlete’s Welfare Area Facilitators -         Baggage Facilitators If you are interested, you can find out more and register through the link below. You can also email us at volunteer@infinitus.asia if you have any enquiries. UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk 2016: http://goo.gl/forms/Ss12VvO40101zxTo1  

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Stroke Rehab

Posted by VolunteerSG Admin | Posted in Announcement | Posted on 15-05-2012




Many studies has shown that neuroplasticity is possible in adults even months after a brain injury. Repetition of consistent movement therapy is key and has been shown to have a great impact on brain re-wiring in stroke/neuro patients.


Neuroplasticity = The brain and the nervous system’s capacity to renew and re-wire itself


Kinesis Stroke Rehab uses the latest technologically advanced equipment

The Bionic Leg Tibion – A wearable robot to help patients in their Sit-to-Stand movement, walking and climbing the stairs

The ReJoyce upper arm hand-station – using computer games to motivate and make therapy fun for the patients.


Know anyone that may benefit from such therapy?

Call us for an assessment 63520800


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