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Survey Volunteers/Mystery Shoppers

CASECASE is looking for survey volunteers/mystery-shoppers to help out in the various survey and testing projects.

Whether you are a homemaker or a retiree or a student, as long as you have time to spare, WE NEED YOU! You do not need to have any qualifications or proven track records, as long as you can converse in English, contactable and available at most times, you can be our survey volunteer.

We allow our survey volunteers to conduct surveys in their free time. As a survey volunteer, you may be involved in mystery-shopping exercise for surveys like Cooked Food Price Survey and Grocery Price Survey. Occasionally, survey volunteers may be required to come down to CASE office for trainings and briefings.

Why do we conduct surveys and tests?

Price surveys help keep tab of the low cost products sold in the market so we could inform consumers on the market value of products. Businesses will also be encouraged to price their product competitively. And by conducting product tests, businesses will be compelled to uphold the quality and safety standards of their products.

What will I get as a survey volunteer?

Being an active survey volunteer, you will be invited to events like our Volunteers’ Gathering where you can mingle with other volunteers who are passionate and concerned about consumers’ rights. You will also be invited as a priority guest to educational seminars/workshops. From time to time, we will have seminars on various consumer topics like purchasing gold jewellery, choosing health insurance, timeshare, retirement planning, real estate issues and financial matters etc.

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