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Volunteers for Cambodia- Hope Foundation

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR HOPE VILLAGE PREY VENG The Cambodian school holidays fall on the period between July and September. OHF is seeking volunteers to conduct enrichment classes for Hope Village Prey Veng orphanage. Whatever skills and talents you have, teaching in Cambodia will give you the opportunity to put them to good use. Be imaginative with your teaching to make learning fun and enjoyable. Through the use of materials, games and songs you can engage the children and make them eager to learn.   1) Teaching English (Urgent need) - The ability to speak English will help the orphans find better-paying jobs in future. You will help the younger children grasp the basics whilst helping the youths to improve their listening and speaking skills. The attention and time you give them is of enormous benefit and we hope that you will take the time to prepare and structure lessons. We prefer volunteers who have TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers Of Other Languages) certification and experience, and can contribute English-teaching resources. 2) Teaching Abacus – Math proficiency gives orphans a competitive edge and prepares them for tomorrow’s highly selective job marketplace. Many companies in Cambodia require good math and technical skills, and abacus instruction is geared to helping children master mental math/arithmetic at an early age. Learning mathematics with the abacus helps children understand the base-ten number system and place values, understand concepts of carrying and borrowing in ! arithmetic, and visualize close relations between numbers and numerals. 3) Teaching Music – There are 6 keyboards in the orphanage. The children are excited about learning to play the keyboard but they find reading music notes too difficult. Impart the love of music by teaching them how to locate the notes on the piano keyboard, remember which note is which on the staff and differentiating between the bass staff notes and the treble staff notes. 4) Teaching Entrepreneurship – Last year we started a business learning simulation program for the youths. 42 youths were grouped into 6 teams and sold food outside the orphanage. The youths were fully responsible for the success or failure of the business from costing, cooking, book-keeping, marketing and daily operation. This year we need a volunteer to guide the youths and to oversee this project.   The cost of volunteering is S$600/month which include basic food and lodging. You need to buy your own airtickets and travel insurance. We require volunteers who can commit at least 1 month. Priority will be given to those who can commit 3 months from July – September.   5) Volunteers needed to help build roads at Hope Training Centre, Cambodia – We are looking for a team of 10 – 15 volunteers to help build proper roads as the current mud track is uneven and vehicles are prone to getting stuck when it rains. Please contact Elaine at faith@ohf.org.sg or 68732955 if you would like to be a volunteer. Thank you. http://www.ohf.org.sg/

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Aging: Unsteady on Your Feet? Try Moving to Music

Posted by VolunteerSG Admin | Posted in Interesting | Posted on 11-12-2010




Elderly people in a new study cut their risk of falling by more than half

after they took classes in eurhythmics, an exercise-and-music program

designed for young children.

Read it at http://www.kinesis-physiotherapy.com/blog/

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