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Protect yourself against Scams

Posted by VolunteerSG Admin | Posted in Announcement | Posted on 17-03-2017


Fake charities try to take advantage of your generosity and compassion for others in need. Scammers will steal your money by posing as a genuine charity. Not only do these scams cost you money, they also divert much needed donations away from legitimate charities and causes.

Fake charity approaches occur all year round and often take the form of a response to real disasters or emergencies, such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes and bushfires. Scammers will pose as either agents of legitimate well-known charities or create their own charity name. This can include charities that conduct medical research or support disease sufferers and their families. Scammers may also play on your emotions by claiming to help children who are ill.

Fake charities operate in a number of different ways. You may be approached on the street or at your front door by people collecting money. Scammers may also set up fake websites which look similar to those operated by real charities. Some scammers will call or email you requesting a donation.

Warning signs

  • You’ve never heard of the charity before, or it is well-known but you suspect the website, email or letter may be fake. A fake website may look almost identical to a legitimate charity site, changing only the details of where to send donations.
  • The person collecting donations on behalf of the charity does not have any identification. Remember, even if they do have identification, it could be forged or meaningless.
  • You are put under pressure or made to feel guilty or selfish if you don’t want to donate.
  • You are asked to provide a cash donation as they don’t accept cheques. Or, they want the cheque to be made out to them rather than to the charity.
  • You are not given a receipt. Or, they give you a receipt that does not have the charity’s details on it.

Protect yourself

  • Approach charity organisations directly to make a donation or offer support.
  • Check the organisation’s name and look them up.
  • Legitimate charities are registered – you check an organisation’s credentials here to see if they are a genuine charity.
  • Never send money or give personal information, credit card details or online account details to anyone you don’t know or trust and never by email.
  • If you are approached by a street collector, ask to see their identification. If you have any doubts about who they are, do not pay.
  • If you are approached in person, ask the collector for details about the charity such as its full name, address and how the proceeds will be used. If they become defensive and cannot answer your questions, close the door or hang up.
  • Avoid any arrangement with a stranger that asks for up-front payment via money order, wire transfer, international funds transfer, pre-loaded card or electronic currency. It is rare to recover money sent this way.
  • Don’t open suspicious or unsolicited emails (spam) – delete them. If you click on a link or open an attachment, you may install a harmful program without knowing it.

Have you been scammed?

If you think you have provided your account details to a scammer, contact your bank or financial institution immediately.

We encourage you to report scams via the report a scam page.

Informed Giving

Posted by VolunteerSG Admin | Posted in Announcement | Posted on 16-03-2017


Content from https://www.charities.gov.sg/








Making A Donation Decision 

From time to time, you may be approached for donations to support various charitable or benevolent causes. While most of these needs are genuine, it is always good to be more discerning in responding to such appeals.
A collaboration with National Crime Prevention Council and Singapore Police Force. Crime Watch 2014 Episode 8 – “Charity Scam”. Find out how dubious fund-raisers operate and learn how to avoid becoming victims of such improper fund-raising activities.

The following tips would help you to make a more informed giving decision.


Where Do I Start?

First, take time to identify the charitable causes important to you. There are various worthy causes to support in Singapore, ranging from the advancement of education, environmental protection, arts and heritage, to supporting the young, the elderly, the disadvantaged and the disabled.

You can find out more about these causes from the Giving.sg website.


How Do I Find A Charity To Donate To?

All charities have to register themselves with the office of the Commissioner of Charities. The list of registered charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) can be found on the Charity Portal. You can use the search function on the Portal to find basic information on charities, including their visions/objectives and contact details.

IPCs are further required to publicly disclose on the Portal their compliance with a set of good governance guidelines, as well as their annual reports and financial statements.  Donations to IPCs enjoy income tax exemption.

Where Can I Find Out More About The Charity Sector In Singapore?

The Charity Portal, in addition to providing the list of registered charities and IPCs in Singapore, also contains information on the regulatory framework governing the charity sector and fund-raising activities.
The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) coordinates the social service sector, to identify and address service gaps in Singapore. NCSS also provides their member voluntary welfare organisations with funding grants and resources for manpower training and capability development, so that they can better help the disadvantaged.
If you are interested in issues related to philanthropy and volunteerism, the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) provides information on how you, whether as an individual or an organisation, can help to contribute to charitable causes. NVPC also administers the Giving.sg initiative, which provides an online platform for donors to donate to charities. Those who are interested in the arts may also wish to visit the Give2arts.sg website to find out more about how you can contribute to the arts sector.


Ways To Ascertain If A Fund-Raising Activity Is Bona-Fide

While fundraising can be conducted by non-charities, all public collections of money require the fund-raiser to produce a copy of the collector’s Certificate of Authority, issued by the Police or the National Council of Social Service.

You can request the fund-raiser to show you the collector’s Certificate. An NCSS-issued sample certificate and SPF sample certificate is provided for reference.
Apart from requesting to see the Certificate, you can also verify the authenticity of the collections using the following methods:


A) SMS Verification Service by Charities Unit, MCCY

SMS “FR<space><licence/certificate number or organisation name>” to 79777.

For example, “FR 2011003000″, “FR L/HH/001111/2011″ or “FR Charity Limited”.


B) Online Verification
via Charity PortalNCSS Website or SPF Website


C) QR Code Verification (for NCSS issued permits only)Scan the code with your smartphone.

You can download the QR Code scanner software from your smartphone’s app store.


D) Police@SG smartphone application

Download the Police@SG application and go to “More Links” to access the Charities and Fund-Raising search engine of the Charity Portal
If the fund-raiser is raising funds for foreign charitable purposes, they should also be able to produce a seperate  foreign fund-raising permit issued by the Office of the Commissioner of Charities.
Do not feel pressurised to give. You can contact or find out more about the charity and give to them at a later date.

Unsolicited Appeals For Donations Through Mailers or Email

The mailers or email may originate locally or from overseas.

  •  If the solicitation is done on behalf of a local charity, you should verify that it is registered with the office of the Commissioner of Charities by using the search function on the Charity Portal.
  • If it is indeed a registered charity that is seeking donations, you should contact the charity directly to find out more about its objectives, its intended beneficiaries, and the people who are responsible for the charity/IPC.
    • Look at the charity’s annual report and financial statement to get an idea of its operations.
    • If third party fundraisers are involved in the appeal, do bear in mind that part of your contribution may be channelled towards the fundraising expenses.
  •  If the solicitation is from an overseas charity, you may need to exercise more care and find out whether it is a bona fide charity registered with the regulator in its country, and perform a simple online search to find out more about it.
    • A well-managed charity should subscribe to the principles of transparency and accountability.
    • If necessary, you should clarify with the charity how the funds raised would be used, and how much of it would directly benefit its beneficiaries. On the whole, you should exercise greater caution when deciding whether or not to donate funds directly overseas.
    • Do not feel pressurised to give.

How And When To Report A Concern


If someone approaches you for a donation (be it to support a local or overseas cause), he or she should be able to provide you with information on the fund-raising appeal, such as the purpose of the appeal; the beneficiaries and how the funds raised would be used.
You should probe further if the fund-raiser is unable to furnish details of the fund-raising appeal. In general, the following scenarios should raise some red flags :

  • Fund-raiser is ambiguous or unable to provide answers to queries on the fundraising (e.g. uses of funds received and name of the beneficiary)
  • Information provided is verified to be bogus
  • Charity or organisation is soliciting for donations without the relevant permit
  • Charity or organisation is conducting unlawful fundraising activities
  • Commercial or third-party fundraiser is unable to show proof that they are authorised by charity to raise funds
  • Fund-raiser is being aggressive or abusive
  • Donors are aware that large portion of the funds raised would be used to pay the fundraising expenses
  • There is reason to believe that the funds raised are being misused

Reporting A Concern

If you believe that there is a contravention of the  fund-raising regulations, please contact us via email: mccy_charities@mccy.gov.sg or use the online feedback form to provide the details.


If you would like to report on dubious fund-raising appeals conducted in publicly accessible places or from house to house, or those conducted without a valid license, you are advised to report the matter to the Police immediately.

 Information To Provide When Making A Report

  • Name of the organisation that is conducting the fundraising activity
  • Details of the event that triggered the reporting
  • Documents received in relation to the matter


Apply Now! Singapore Heritage Society Internship (Jan-Jun 2017)

Posted by VolunteerSG Admin | Posted in Announcement | Posted on 08-12-2016


Do you believe in creating a deeper sense of place and identity for Singaporeans? Are you keen to be a part of civil society, shaping the way Singapore develops? Would you like to understand how heritage encompasses in a wide range of contemporary social, cultural, economic and political issues?

Then sign up for the Singapore Heritage Society internship and help us make a difference through heritage advocacy. Closing date for applications: 26 Dec 2016. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by 29 Dec 2016.


For more details https://www.facebook.com/notes/singapore-heritage-society/apply-now-singapore-heritage-society-internship-jan-jun-2017/1158593130854988






Call for entries for The Young Talent Programme

Posted by VolunteerSG Admin | Posted in Announcement | Posted on 25-07-2016




Affordable Art Fair Singapore is excited to announce the 2016 Open Call for entries for The Young Talent Programme in collaboration with ION Art. The Young Talent Programme is designed as a platform for emerging artists (without gallery representation) aged between 18 and 35 years, who are born in or residing in Southeast Asia.


From the Open Call up to 8 selected artists will be given the chance to be seen by galleries, art institutions as well as the wider art loving public, through exhibiting their work at the Affordable Art Fair in November 2016. Of these selected artists who show at the fair this November, 2-3 artists will be awarded the unique opportunity to work with a Curator for 10 months to create an exceptional body of work ready for a three week solo show at ION Art in 2017.


So, if you are looking for a great platform to showcase your work and the opportunity to the enter the art market, apply now for your chance to be selected » »



Call For Applications: IPA x SHS Photo Mentorship Grant

Posted by VolunteerSG Admin | Posted in Announcement | Posted on 14-07-2016



Following our successful Workshop Grant with Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) last year, Singapore Heritage Society and IPA are partnering again to offer a second grant to participate in the 12th Edition of the IPA Mentorship Program commencing in August 2016.
The IPA Mentorship Program is an intensive 3-month program by Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) for those who wish to further their personal photographic vision and goals. The aim is for mentees to conceive, continue or finish a photo project or series as a method to strengthen their photography and understand the concerns of their individual practice.
The IPA X SHS Photo Mentorship Grant recipient will be encouraged to investigate and interpret history (local or national, private or public), topography, community and locality to author creative site-responsive projects using photography as a medium.
Participants may choose to work on a place or neighbourhood in Singapore of personal significance, or a site of national heritage or historical interest. Research material, be they family or public archives, text, drawings and photographs, serve as raw ingredients to meditate and author the individual responses.
Our previous grant was awarded to filmmaker Clarice Lee and her final project The Island of Everlasting Utility was presented by Singapore Heritage Society at the Ubin Day 2016 community event in Pulau Ubin.
The grant recipient will be mentored by Kevin WY Lee, founder of Invisible Photographer Asia. More information about the IPA Mentorship Program: http://invisiblephotographer.asia/ipamentorship/

About the IPA x SHS Photo Mentorship Grant:

This Grant offers free participation in the IPA Mentorship Program with fees waived. While the application is to open all members and friends of the Singapore Heritage Society, the selected recipient must become a subscribing member of the Singapore Heritage Society before commencing the mentorship. Details about joining the Singapore Heritage Society: http://www.singaporeheritage.org/?page_id=72

To apply for this Grant, please follow the instructions below:

Send an email to shs.secretary@gmail.com with the subject header: “APPLICATION – IPA x Singapore Heritage Society Photo Mentorship Grant” And include the following information:
  • Name:
  • Nationality/Country of Residence:
  • Age/Sex:
  • Biography:
  • Provide a brief outline proposal of the site you would like to work on during the workshop.
The sites must be located in Singapore and priority will be given to strong proposals on any of the following:
  • the social life and intangible practices around heritage places
  • sites or neighbourhoods threatened by significant change
  • sites or neighbourhoods with a long history (pre-1900)
APPLICATION DEADLINE: SUNDAY, 24TH JULY 2015. Applications will be shortlisted by Singapore Heritage Society. The winning applicant will be selected by Invisible Photographer Asia and contacted with further participation details.


Founded in 1987, the Singapore Heritage Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and registered charity with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. As independent voice on heritage issues in Singapore, it is dedicated to research, education and advocacy relating to Singapore’s history, culture and and identity. Run by volunteers, the Society’s active members include academics and professionals in related industries as well as serious enthusiasts from all walks of life. Learn more about the Society through this video: https://vimeo.com/58862922 Our President’s Report (2015): www.singaporeheritage.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/SHS-Presidents-Report-2015.pdf Follow our daily updates on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sgheritage


Invisible Photographer Asia | 亞洲隱形攝影師 (IPA) was founded in 2010 by Kevin WY Lee, and since then has grown into a leading and influential platform for Photography and Arts in Asia. We participate vigorously in the movement of Photography in Asia through talent showcases, events and exhibitions, publishing, workshops and education, and community outreach. Since inauguration, IPA has partnered with organizations such as PLATFORM.SG, National Museum Of Singapore, The Angkor Photo Festival, KL Photo Awards, AO Photo Books (Hong Kong), SONY Electronics Asia Pacific, Leica Camera Asia Pacific, Epson Singapore, and Awagami Factory Japan to name a few.
IPA website: http://invisiblephotographer.asia About the project mentor, Kevin WY Lee: www.kevinwylee.com

Call for Applications: Singapore Heritage Society Internship (Aug-Dec 2016)

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Do you believe in creating a deeper sense of place and identity for Singaporeans? Are you keen to be a part of civil society, shaping the way Singapore develops? Would you like to understand how heritage encompasses in a wide range of contemporary social, cultural, economic and political issues? Then sign up for the Singapore Heritage Society internship and help us make a difference through heritage advocacy.
Closing date for applications: 1 Aug 2016.
You’ll work closely with key members of the Singapore Heritage Society to support our work on specific advocacy issues, public outreach, as well as different areas of non-profit organisation management including public communications, events management, fundraising and organisational workflow.Depending on your skill set, you will support the core team in the areas of:
  • On-site fieldwork
  • Research and writing
  • Events curation and organisation
  • Design, photography and copywriting for social media publicity
  • Documentation and administrative support
  • Develop knowledge of heritage issues, research questions and industry best practices
  • Gain an inside view and first-hand experience of (a) the heritage industry (b) the non-profit sector and (c) advocacy work
  • Meet key industry players
  • Be mentored by experienced heritage advocates, including academics, architects, conservation experts, historians, anthropologists, researchers, writers, editors, librarians, curators, lawyers, tourism professionals etc.
  • Get to know a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for Singapore heritage
  • Commitment and passion for our cause
  • Open-mindedness and strong desire to learn
  • Initiative & resourcefulness
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Dynamic and positive personality
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • A sense of responsibility
  • Age 17 and above
  • This is a part-time internship, there are no fixed office hours.
  • While there are no fixed hours, you will be be expected to attend seminars, activities and meetings, including during some evenings and weekends, as a core part of your internship learning experience. You will be also assigned tasks to complete at home.
  • You will stay in close contact with your mentors, through online communication as well as face-to-face meetings.
  • Meal and transport allowance will be provided when compulsory on-site work is required.
  • You must be able to commit for a period of four months, from mid-August to mid-December 2016.
Fill in the online application form here: https://goo.gl/Kn4jgT
“My greatest takeaway from this internship was to gain an insider exposure to area of heritage advocacy in Singapore. The internship helped me understand the organizational and leadership challenges faced by a non-profit advocacy organization (e.g. How to work with manpower and budget constraints, how to inspire general public to be more interested in heritage-related issues). It also made me realize that heritage and national development may not be opposite poles in a zero-sum game, and that win-win solutions do exist. Effective placemaking can bring people back to neglected spaces and develop a sense of ownership – this is an outcome that can serve different interests, whether they are heritage or commercial-related interests.” — Leong Chao Yang (May-Sep 2015), NUS Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences valedictorian 2015.
“Being in SHS led me to meet or at least know of many others who are involved in heritage, from students like myself to activists, academics and enthusiasts who simply share heritage-related events and information excitedly whenever they can. Apart from them being warm and friendly, I learned a lot from these people both in terms of concrete, academic knowledge and the seemingly endless amounts of energy they put into finding out about what they love and advocating for heritage despite exhausting schedules and obstacles faced in advocacy.” — Wong Kwang Lin (May-Sep 2015), currently a 1st year undergraduate in Anthropology at London School of Economics
“During my time with SHS, what I found the most meaningful was seeing the blossoming of relationships – between people and heritage, as well as within a community of people interested in heritage. One of my most vivid memories is my participation in Picturing Chinatown, where a group of people from different walks of life came together to explore their personal relationships to Chinatown through photography. I enjoyed the probing questions that were raised, as well as the soulful stories that were shared. Towards the end of the workshops, I found that despite growing up in a place that seems to suffer from amnesia on many levels, I can cultivate a sort of personal belonging towards this place through making the effort to discover more. Furthermore, one of the most rewarding things about this internship was seeing the emergence of a community of like-minded souls who meet to go on photography walks and talks months after the end of the workshops. Their energy and enthusiasm is very heartening.” — Leong Yee Ting (Jan-Sep 2015), currently a 1st year undergraduate in History at Oxford University
Founded in 1987, the Singapore Heritage Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and registered charity with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. As independent voice on heritage issues in Singapore, it is dedicated to research, education and advocacy relating to Singapore’s history, culture and and identity. Run by volunteers, the Society’s active members include academics and professionals in related industries as well as serious enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Stroke Rehab

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Many studies has shown that neuroplasticity is possible in adults even months after a brain injury. Repetition of consistent movement therapy is key and has been shown to have a great impact on brain re-wiring in stroke/neuro patients.


Neuroplasticity = The brain and the nervous system’s capacity to renew and re-wire itself


Kinesis Stroke Rehab uses the latest technologically advanced equipment

The Bionic Leg Tibion – A wearable robot to help patients in their Sit-to-Stand movement, walking and climbing the stairs

The ReJoyce upper arm hand-station – using computer games to motivate and make therapy fun for the patients.


Know anyone that may benefit from such therapy?

Call us for an assessment 63520800


A Blesses Christmas

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Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas!


From all of us @ VolunteerSingapore

Blog site experiencing some problems

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Our site is experiencing some technical problems, pls bear with us.

You can still continue to send your post to adminvsg@gmail.com. Thank you.



Wishing one and all a Blessed Christmas

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