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Student Advisory Centre looking for Volunteers

  On behalf of Student Advisory Centre, we would like to appeal for volunteers. We help financially disadvantaged children and youth with our programs. We provide them with free meals through our Lunch Box Fund, personal needs through our Wishing Well...

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Dear friends,

We are excited to partner YouthCorps on a three-part series of “Unlearning Scarcity” especially for service-hearted youth!

If you’re looking to improve your financial health AND help others along that journey, come by any one of these sessions and learn the PlayMoolah way – through lots of stories, reflection, and our favourite games ;)

If you are in Singapore and between the ages of 18 and 35, all you have to do is to sign up as a YouthCorps member to join us on these dates:

Introduction + Sharing Circle
Date: 30 March 2017, Thursday
Time: 7PM – 9.30PM

Moolah Run Game Demo
Date: 15 April 2017, Saturday
Time: 2PM – 6PM

SIGN UP HERE       https://www.youthcorps.sg/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2Fevent

Calling for Volunteers for KDF Flag Day

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This year, KDF will have a joint Flag Day with Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society on 22nd July 2017, through which we aim to raise at least $50,000 for our beneficiaries.

Details of the event:

Date: 22nd July 2017, Saturday

Time: 09:00am – 1:00pm (Shift A)

12:00pm – 4:00pm (Shift B)

Venue: Island-wide Street Collection

Reporting Centres: Bishan MRT Station | Jurong East MRT Station | Serangoon MRT Station | Tampines MRT Station | Woodlands MRT Station | Bugis MRT Station

To sign up, the volunteers can head over to https://goo.gl/forms/Owe6BQMDEaR5T0Ip2. For more information, they can contact me at Daniel.yao@kdf.org.sg /6559 2650

Flag Day 2017 Poster


EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows calling for Volunteers

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Every Saturday, the children will ask, “What time are the mentors coming?”

Do you love interacting with children? Want to make a lasting difference in a child’s life? Are you able to commit one-hour weekly (any day) for at least one year?

EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows is a family-centric, early intervention pilot programme that seeks to provide holistic support for children (K2 to Sec 1) from lower-income families living in Marine Parade. Through a community-oriented approach, mentors (like you!) are matched to these children, building on their aspirations, character, education, financial literacy and relationship skills.

You will serve as a trusted friend and role model, journeying with the child, strengthening and supporting him/her, and enabling him/her to have equal opportunities in life to break out of the poverty cycle.

To sign up or find out more,  please call Ms Delia Pak at 6387 3700 or 9119 9854, or e-mail edugrow@life-community.org

Thereafter, we will arrange for a get-to-know-you session, to help us best match your personality and volunteering preferences to the needs of our children. And not to worry, trainings will be provided!

Closing date: 7 April 2017

EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows is a joint programme by Life Community Services Society (www.life-community.org/edugrow) and WeCare@MarineParade www.facebook.com/WeCare.MarineParade



Protect yourself against Scams

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Fake charities try to take advantage of your generosity and compassion for others in need. Scammers will steal your money by posing as a genuine charity. Not only do these scams cost you money, they also divert much needed donations away from legitimate charities and causes.

Fake charity approaches occur all year round and often take the form of a response to real disasters or emergencies, such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes and bushfires. Scammers will pose as either agents of legitimate well-known charities or create their own charity name. This can include charities that conduct medical research or support disease sufferers and their families. Scammers may also play on your emotions by claiming to help children who are ill.

Fake charities operate in a number of different ways. You may be approached on the street or at your front door by people collecting money. Scammers may also set up fake websites which look similar to those operated by real charities. Some scammers will call or email you requesting a donation.

Warning signs

  • You’ve never heard of the charity before, or it is well-known but you suspect the website, email or letter may be fake. A fake website may look almost identical to a legitimate charity site, changing only the details of where to send donations.
  • The person collecting donations on behalf of the charity does not have any identification. Remember, even if they do have identification, it could be forged or meaningless.
  • You are put under pressure or made to feel guilty or selfish if you don’t want to donate.
  • You are asked to provide a cash donation as they don’t accept cheques. Or, they want the cheque to be made out to them rather than to the charity.
  • You are not given a receipt. Or, they give you a receipt that does not have the charity’s details on it.

Protect yourself

  • Approach charity organisations directly to make a donation or offer support.
  • Check the organisation’s name and look them up.
  • Legitimate charities are registered – you check an organisation’s credentials here to see if they are a genuine charity.
  • Never send money or give personal information, credit card details or online account details to anyone you don’t know or trust and never by email.
  • If you are approached by a street collector, ask to see their identification. If you have any doubts about who they are, do not pay.
  • If you are approached in person, ask the collector for details about the charity such as its full name, address and how the proceeds will be used. If they become defensive and cannot answer your questions, close the door or hang up.
  • Avoid any arrangement with a stranger that asks for up-front payment via money order, wire transfer, international funds transfer, pre-loaded card or electronic currency. It is rare to recover money sent this way.
  • Don’t open suspicious or unsolicited emails (spam) – delete them. If you click on a link or open an attachment, you may install a harmful program without knowing it.

Have you been scammed?

If you think you have provided your account details to a scammer, contact your bank or financial institution immediately.

We encourage you to report scams via the report a scam page.

Volunteer for HOPE

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About HOPE and HOPE SG (http://hope.org.sg/)

 HOPE International Development Agency extends help to the poorest of the poor worldwide. First established in 1975, we accomplish our mission by enabling people in the developed world to connect with people in the poorest communities on earth through compassionate giving and other opportunities to help.

 HOPE is becoming well-established in Singapore and exists to improve the supply of basic human necessities for the neediest of the needy in the developing world through self-help activities, and to challenge, educate, and involve people in Singapore regarding development issues.

 Why be a HOPE Volunteer?

 Join a fun-loving group of professional of all ages and nationalities, from all walks of life, who are excited about making a difference. We work hard and play hard to give back to society and to spread the message of HOPE, startup style.

 Volunteer Web Content Manager (WordPress) – Job Description


  • Work with charity coordinator
  • Responsible for content planning and maintenance
  • Ensure smooth updating of content on websites
  • Ensure content is accurate and updated on the portal
  • Edit content and manage the workflow for content maintenance
  • Manage content calendar and drive content maintenance
  • Writing of collateral and profile writing
  • Keen on exploring how to monitoring the site’s statistics, such as user demographics, traffic flow and search engine placement

Requirements (Nice to haves):

  • Interest or studying in Communications/ Journalism
  • Prior web management experience, research and analysis skills preferred
  • Familiarity with using content management systems (CMS) and content publishing
  • Both passionate and skilled in writing
  • Experience with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, and HTML

 Volunteer Newsletter Editor (Mailchimp) – Job Description


  • Work with charity coordinator, creating content strategies that meet HOPE’s needs and business goals. Responsible for finding and developing original, engaging content that drives social engagement using text, video, and multimedia content.
  • Use content to generate interest for fundraising.
  • Manage the in-house publications, create digital strategies to manage and engage our readers with regular and valuable content to increase affiliation and membership.
  • Displays strong writing, spelling, grammar and proofreading skills.
  • Demonstrates an affinity for digital content.

Requirements (Nice to haves):

  • Excellent command of English in terms of spoken and written English
  • Digital content, online newspaper / magazine background, preferred
  • Experience in drafting, revising and editing articles for various purposes (publication, marketing, newsletter, press release, social media, etc.) preferred.
  • Experience in creating content on social media
  • Be able to write solid, “clickable” headlines and show published examples; (Knowledge in utilizing popular searches and hot topics is a plus.)
  • Experience with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, and HTML
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

 Volunteer Event Planner– Job Description


  • Responsible for excellent account servicing and relationship management with charity relationships.
  • Take ownership, to plan and execute events undertaken by the charity (about 2-3 a year)
  • Coordinate on-site staffing requirements and staff briefing.
  • Ensure that administrative and financial systems are adhered to, and that records relating to events management are maintained.

Requirements (Nice to haves):

  • Someone who loves to plan parties and galas
  • An individual with excellent organizational skills who is able to see the big picture, and can work efficiently towards accomplishing desired events objectives.
  • A meticulous planner determined to bring every project from start to stunning end, through effective managerial skills.
  • Advantageous, but not necessary – if you possess at least 3-5 years of working experience in the Event Management/Hotel/Travel and Hospitality industry.

 Interested parties please write to Nicole Cadoret (nicolec@hope-international.com)

Vounteer for Worldwide Transformation

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WTL aspires to reach out to local communities in every nation so as to effect change in the lives and livelihoods of its people.  Hence, it has taken the initiative by beginning first with our local community here in Singapore.  Using a ministry base located at ‘Little India’, WTL reaches out to different nationalities by offering practical help or kind acts of service.  These beneficiaries, largely foreign workers from different nations, come from India, Nepal and Bangladesh.   This outreach work has also been extended across to families and the elderly in our neighbourhood, many of whom are Singaporeans.

Presently, we have the following programs in urgent need for volunteers’ support.  Would really appreciate your kind help and consideration to post this in your Volunteer website.

1.) Free computer & english classes (for foreign workers) weekly program

Scope of volunteer duties:

  • English or Computer class instructors (Basic – Advanced)
  • Registration & general help before classes.
  • * Admin help  (prepare certificate of attendance for graduates)
  • * Call and text reminders for new students.
Date: Rotating Sundays or * During weekdays, office hours.
Time: 4.30pm- 7.30pm
Venue of event:  Little India shophouse

Purpose of the event: Provide practical help to the foreign workers.


2.) For family & their children’s activities, social gatherings & resident outreach work

Scope of volunteer duties:

  • co-ordinate events
  • general helpers
  • befrienders
Date:  Ad-hoc events/ TBA
Time:  Saturdays
Venue:  Little India shophouse 
Purpose of events:  To provide a gathering platform for social, recreational and family needs.


Contact details:

Volunteer co-ordinator: Gabby

Email:  gabbyrachaelchew@gmail.com

Tel:  62912361

Warm regards,

Rachael Gabrielle Chew (Gabby)

Worldwide Transformation Ltd.

Loving Hearts calling for Volunteers

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Are you passionate about working with youths? Do you want to make a difference in a youth’s life?

Our Sports, Tuition and Mentoring Programme (STAMP) have impacted lives of many at-risk students in our participating Primary and Secondary school partners positively. Adopting a holistic approach, STAMP aims to train and improve student mentees physically, academically and equip them with sound moral values.

The three components are conducted once every week separately, by sports coaches and tutors that we had engaged externally to guide students in the programme.

As for the mentoring component, we are seeking the support of kind-hearted volunteers like you to mentor our student beneficiaries. As the backbone of the programme, our mentors play an important role in the well-being of our student beneficiaries. You will play a role as big brothers and sisters to these students, and instil positivity and confidence into them.

Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (Jurong) is looking for volunteers who are:

ü  Age 18 and above

ü  Able to commit for at least 6 to 9 months

ü  Available on weekday afternoons at participating schools

ü  Passionate about working with youths

ü  Able to attend a 4 day training course at Boys’ Town to better understand and communicate with youths

To sign up or find out more, please contact us at 6567-4166 or via email at cindy@lovingheartj.org


Informed Giving

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Content from https://www.charities.gov.sg/








Making A Donation Decision 

From time to time, you may be approached for donations to support various charitable or benevolent causes. While most of these needs are genuine, it is always good to be more discerning in responding to such appeals.
A collaboration with National Crime Prevention Council and Singapore Police Force. Crime Watch 2014 Episode 8 – “Charity Scam”. Find out how dubious fund-raisers operate and learn how to avoid becoming victims of such improper fund-raising activities.

The following tips would help you to make a more informed giving decision.


Where Do I Start?

First, take time to identify the charitable causes important to you. There are various worthy causes to support in Singapore, ranging from the advancement of education, environmental protection, arts and heritage, to supporting the young, the elderly, the disadvantaged and the disabled.

You can find out more about these causes from the Giving.sg website.


How Do I Find A Charity To Donate To?

All charities have to register themselves with the office of the Commissioner of Charities. The list of registered charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) can be found on the Charity Portal. You can use the search function on the Portal to find basic information on charities, including their visions/objectives and contact details.

IPCs are further required to publicly disclose on the Portal their compliance with a set of good governance guidelines, as well as their annual reports and financial statements.  Donations to IPCs enjoy income tax exemption.

Where Can I Find Out More About The Charity Sector In Singapore?

The Charity Portal, in addition to providing the list of registered charities and IPCs in Singapore, also contains information on the regulatory framework governing the charity sector and fund-raising activities.
The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) coordinates the social service sector, to identify and address service gaps in Singapore. NCSS also provides their member voluntary welfare organisations with funding grants and resources for manpower training and capability development, so that they can better help the disadvantaged.
If you are interested in issues related to philanthropy and volunteerism, the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) provides information on how you, whether as an individual or an organisation, can help to contribute to charitable causes. NVPC also administers the Giving.sg initiative, which provides an online platform for donors to donate to charities. Those who are interested in the arts may also wish to visit the Give2arts.sg website to find out more about how you can contribute to the arts sector.


Ways To Ascertain If A Fund-Raising Activity Is Bona-Fide

While fundraising can be conducted by non-charities, all public collections of money require the fund-raiser to produce a copy of the collector’s Certificate of Authority, issued by the Police or the National Council of Social Service.

You can request the fund-raiser to show you the collector’s Certificate. An NCSS-issued sample certificate and SPF sample certificate is provided for reference.
Apart from requesting to see the Certificate, you can also verify the authenticity of the collections using the following methods:


A) SMS Verification Service by Charities Unit, MCCY

SMS “FR<space><licence/certificate number or organisation name>” to 79777.

For example, “FR 2011003000″, “FR L/HH/001111/2011″ or “FR Charity Limited”.


B) Online Verification
via Charity PortalNCSS Website or SPF Website


C) QR Code Verification (for NCSS issued permits only)Scan the code with your smartphone.

You can download the QR Code scanner software from your smartphone’s app store.


D) Police@SG smartphone application

Download the Police@SG application and go to “More Links” to access the Charities and Fund-Raising search engine of the Charity Portal
If the fund-raiser is raising funds for foreign charitable purposes, they should also be able to produce a seperate  foreign fund-raising permit issued by the Office of the Commissioner of Charities.
Do not feel pressurised to give. You can contact or find out more about the charity and give to them at a later date.

Unsolicited Appeals For Donations Through Mailers or Email

The mailers or email may originate locally or from overseas.

  •  If the solicitation is done on behalf of a local charity, you should verify that it is registered with the office of the Commissioner of Charities by using the search function on the Charity Portal.
  • If it is indeed a registered charity that is seeking donations, you should contact the charity directly to find out more about its objectives, its intended beneficiaries, and the people who are responsible for the charity/IPC.
    • Look at the charity’s annual report and financial statement to get an idea of its operations.
    • If third party fundraisers are involved in the appeal, do bear in mind that part of your contribution may be channelled towards the fundraising expenses.
  •  If the solicitation is from an overseas charity, you may need to exercise more care and find out whether it is a bona fide charity registered with the regulator in its country, and perform a simple online search to find out more about it.
    • A well-managed charity should subscribe to the principles of transparency and accountability.
    • If necessary, you should clarify with the charity how the funds raised would be used, and how much of it would directly benefit its beneficiaries. On the whole, you should exercise greater caution when deciding whether or not to donate funds directly overseas.
    • Do not feel pressurised to give.

How And When To Report A Concern


If someone approaches you for a donation (be it to support a local or overseas cause), he or she should be able to provide you with information on the fund-raising appeal, such as the purpose of the appeal; the beneficiaries and how the funds raised would be used.
You should probe further if the fund-raiser is unable to furnish details of the fund-raising appeal. In general, the following scenarios should raise some red flags :

  • Fund-raiser is ambiguous or unable to provide answers to queries on the fundraising (e.g. uses of funds received and name of the beneficiary)
  • Information provided is verified to be bogus
  • Charity or organisation is soliciting for donations without the relevant permit
  • Charity or organisation is conducting unlawful fundraising activities
  • Commercial or third-party fundraiser is unable to show proof that they are authorised by charity to raise funds
  • Fund-raiser is being aggressive or abusive
  • Donors are aware that large portion of the funds raised would be used to pay the fundraising expenses
  • There is reason to believe that the funds raised are being misused

Reporting A Concern

If you believe that there is a contravention of the  fund-raising regulations, please contact us via email: mccy_charities@mccy.gov.sg or use the online feedback form to provide the details.


If you would like to report on dubious fund-raising appeals conducted in publicly accessible places or from house to house, or those conducted without a valid license, you are advised to report the matter to the Police immediately.

 Information To Provide When Making A Report

  • Name of the organisation that is conducting the fundraising activity
  • Details of the event that triggered the reporting
  • Documents received in relation to the matter


Calling for Volunteers to conduct Metta School workshop on Interpersonal Skills

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Metta school is looking for 5 volunteers to conduct two 2-hour sessiosn from 2.15 – 4.15pm on 20th March and 24th March social communication/interpersonal skills and strategies in befriending (i.e. how to make friends and sustain friendships). Sessions will be held in Metta School.

Lesson content are as follow:

·Session 1: Lesson package (interactive/role-playing) on strategies on making friends and communicating with them
·Session 2: Mini projects (thematic presentation and/or posters during morning assembly: school values, school rules, reminders etc.) which require them to interact with volunteers and their peers
Contact details: Ms Angela Wong (angela@mettaschool.edu.sg)

Lutheran Community Care Services Flag Day May 20 2017 calling for Volunteers

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flag day poster